Spa Treatments For Pets? What Is It?

beforeFacials: Our deep facial cleansing use tearless and detergent free formulas to brighten and hydrate complexion while reducing tear-staining by 80% or more with regular treatments


Hydro Massage Bath: A relaxing, Hydro Massage Bath cleanses and reduces muscle tension using soothing water jets.  Variable temperature and pressure combinations allow groomers to adjust settings according to the size, breed, and musculature of your pet while providing a deep and thorough cleaning.

Healthy Coat Conditioning Treatment: Coat and skin conditioning is critical to long term dermal and coat health by preventing static electricity and moisture loss, which are two major contributors to matting and hair breakage.  Conditioning is also an effective therapy for pets suffering from dry and itchy skin due to allergies.

Color Enhancing Shampoos: Color enhancing formulas will prevent yellowing and stains, while amplifying coat color and providing UV protection to prevent fading.


Pawdicure: A Pawdicure includes a soothing paw soak, nail trimming and filing.  Paw rubs, pad massage, and moisturizing balm provides a calming experience that may help reduce stress during nail trimming.  We also offer nail polish or nail art to compliment any k-9 personality.



Oral Hygiene: Using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, Clean Teeth Gel kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis and promotes a healthy oral environment. Oral hygiene treatments are also effective for soothing minor gum irritation.



Aromatherapy: The calming benefits of aromatherapy are effective physically, emotionally and conditionally for enhancing your pet’s spa experience using relaxing, comforting scents.


What is Shedding?  How can I reduce shedding?

Shedding is a natural process that cannot be completely eliminated, but can be controlled with regular grooming and maintenance of the undercoat.  Removing the dense layers of dead hair and dander, we significantly reduce the source of loose hair. Regular brushing and hair removal reduces shedding and distributes natural oils in the skin, producing a healthy, shiny coat.


After a combination of all-natural shampoos and hair removal tools such as the Furminator, we complete each treatment with carding and shed-vac.  Shed-reduction treatment is effective in reducing loose pet hair in your home and for promoting skin health.


What is matting and how is it harmful to your pet?

matting1   matting2

These two severely matted dogs had to be shaved down beneath the tangles. Matting is a clumping together of hair that can be a minor to severe condition that is painful and unhealthy for your pet. Large clumps of matted and tangled hair causes discomfort each time the affected area is touched, and reduces your pet’s quality of life. Matting is a common problem, particularly in long-haired breeds and requires regular combing and maintenance to avoid painful irritations.

Shorthaired breeds also benefit from regular brushing as it helps stimulate the skin, spreads coat oils, removes dead or loose hairs, and spares your pet from the undue stress of a matted coat.


How do you tell if your pet is matted?

If you cannot run a fine or medium width comb through the entirety of your pet’s coat, they are most likely matted. Matting needs to be resolved as soon as possible for your pet’s optimum health and comfort.

What happens to a matted pet?

Mats produce a thick layer of hair that prevents moisture from being absorbed into the skin. As mats tighten and pull, the irritated skin dehydrates and can cause lesions and infections in severe cases. If your dog is covered with matting, you may not be able to see other medical concerns such as cancer spots, moles, tumors, swellings, parasites. Mats also act as cover for dangerous insects such as fleas and ticks.

Severely matted coats reduce air circulation and dermal benefits of regular brushing. In extremely severe cases, the outer layer of skin peels away with the coat. In such extreme cases, veterinarian treatment is the only safe and effective option.

The caring groomers of Serenity Pet Spa have extensive experience with problems caused by matting and can eliminate unnecessary pain and discomfort in your pet while promoting a healthy skin and coat. Contact us today to book an appointment or for additional information.